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Finished – 4 Inch (10cm), 6 Inch (15cm)

Our Clematis are compact middle sized plants that repeat flower through the growing season from spring to late summer.

They can be enjoyed indoors as a pot plant our can be planted in the garden and enjoyed year after year.

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Care tips for Finished Clematis

Unique flower Clematis bred to have multiple flowering stages through the growing season. Clematis are mainly frost hardy, they can handle medium to cool temperatures. A medium amount of watering is required, for these climbers. Clematis are best positioned in full to partial sun, whether you’re keeping your pot indoors or planting in the ground. Cut out dead, diseased and damaged stems as soon as they appear.

Indoor growing tips:

Height is 3’-5’, width 3’-5’ with supporting trellis. Water regularly, especially if growing in a container. Place the clematis in a room with a constant temperature of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Position the plant where it will receive direct, bright sunlight for at least six hours per day. Keep the plant away from heating and cooling vents to prevent stunted and leggy growth.


Outdoor growing tips:

 Hardiness zones are 4-9, plant in a full sun to partial shade area. If you will be planting in your garden, be sure not to plant too early in the season. Do not plant until all threat of a late spring frost is gone. The best time to prune is early in the spring before the buds have begun to break. Reduce all stems down to 6” in the early spring.


For proper care of clematis, clematis vines prefer sunny locations (at least six hours of sun needed for blooming) but the soil should be kept cool. An easy way to accomplish this is by planting some type of ground cover or shallow-rooted perennial plants around the clematis. A 2-inch layer of mulch can also be incorporated to keep the roots cool and moist.


Growing clematis vines must be supported in some fashion as well. The type of support system is usually dependent on the variety grown. For instance, poles are acceptable choices for smaller growing clematis vines, which can range anywhere from 2 to 5 feet in height. Arbors may be more suitable for growing larger types, which can get 8 to 12 feet. Most varieties, however, do quite well growing along a trellis or fence.