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Finished – 6 Inch (15cm)

Helleborus help bridge the gap between the summer and winter months. Our Helleborus are available from end of November through to the end April.

Through successful breeding programs, Helleborus are offered in a wide variety of colours, while blooming from November to January and on.

For more information, contact Aldershot Greenhouses via email at [email protected], or by phone at (905) 632 9272

Care tips for Ice N’ Roses Helleborus

Hardy, extra robust, evergreen perennial. White, pink, red and even bicoloured flowers. Dark red flowers stay dark red as they age. Extra-large, upright flowers. Floriferous, some varieties starting to bloom in November. Thrives also in sunny spaces in the garden. Low-maintenance, vigorous garden plant, also suited for large planters. These Helleborus can handle full to partial sun. They can grow to a height and width of 30-60cm (0.3-0.6m) They are low maintenance, with a medium amount of watering.


Indoor care:

During the winter, if you have not yet planted your Helleborus, it is important to keep them in a cool environment, for example; in a garage or basement. Also make sure they get enough sunlight throughout the day and to keep its soil moist. A Helleborus needs at least a few hours of sun throughout the day in order to stay healthy for planting.


Outdoor care:

 All varieties prefer rich and chalky soils but will also thrive in other locations that are not prone to waterlogging. They like to be in a cool environment, but can also handle the sun, as they are grown outdoors. Helleborus are very sensitive to root injuries, for this reason, you should be careful with the ground around it. If you choose to propagate your Helleborus, do so in late spring or in the autumn months.